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How to Choose Eyelash Extension Glue for Sensitive Eyes: Tips and Recommendations

Shopping for lash extension supplies can be overwhelming, especially with so many products on the market. And shopping for the best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes is beyond nerve wracking — especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for ingredient-wise.

Keep in mind that no two lash clients are alike. While a handful may tolerate any eyelash adhesive, others may have a mild, moderate, or high sensitivity, resulting in an adverse reaction.

The last thing you want to do is use glues that contain latex or acrylates which can cause pain and discomfort in clients with allergy to latex, or delicate skin. Those with highly sensitive eyes may not tolerate certain fumes or vapours that some adhesives emit. Not to worry — the more informed you are about the glue and products you’re searching for, the better decisions you’ll make, and the happier clients you’ll have.

Keep reading to learn what you should look for, what to avoid, and where to shop when choosing the best eyelash extension glue for sensitive clients.

Eyelash technician applying lashes

Understanding the Ingredients in Eyelash Extension Glue

Ingredients of lash adhesives are the primary cause of discomfort and allergic reactions to eyelash glue, so it’s essential to understand what to look for. Here are some of the most common ingredients found in eyelash extension glues:

  • Cyanoacrylate: The primary ingredient in quick bonding or “superglues” that speed up drying time. There are different types of Cyanoacrylate, such as Alkoxy, Methoxy, and Methyl, each with varying adhesion strength. Because this ingredient is an irritant, glues with high cyanoacrylate levels can cause negative reactions, like pain and irritation. A balanced mix of ingredients is crucial to finding the best lash glue for sensitive eyes.

  • Formaldehyde: A by-product of curing cyanoacrylate found in all lash extension glues in small traces, but it can still irritate the eyes. As the adhesive degrades over time, the level of formaldehyde increases, so avoid any glue that contains a significant amounts of formaldehyde.

  • Carbon Black: Though uncommon, some clients may be sensitive or allergic to Carbon Black — the ingredient that gives lash glue its black colour. This is easily avoidable by using clear lash glue for those with sensitivities or allergies.

Tips For Choosing the Right Eyelash Extension Glue For Sensitive Eyes

When shopping for lash extension glue for sensitive eyes, consider all aspects of the adhesive, like ingredients, drying and retention time, shelf life, and brand.

Consider the Drying Time and Flexibility of the Glue

When it comes to drying time and flexibility, choose an eyelash adhesive according to your experience level. If you’re new to the trade, you won’t be as fast as someone who has done lashes for years, so go with something that will give you the flexibility to apply lashes correctly. For beginners, we recommend a sensitive glue with a longer dry time in the 2-3 second range, and for advanced artists, opt for a sensitive eyelash adhesive with faster drying time, in the 0.5 - 2 second range.

Opt For a Hypoallergenic or Sensitive Formula

Although sensitive formulas take a little longer to dry, clients with allergies or sensitivities to eyelash glue will gladly sacrifice extra time in the chair to avoid adverse reactions. Clear glue is the best option as it eliminates Carbon Black sensitivities.

Research and Select a Reputable Brand

As a lash artist, choosing a reputable brand of eyelash extension glue is paramount to the quality and success of your services. Your goal — long-lasting, flawless results with the least amount of eye irritation possible. When researching trusted brands, look for:

  • Quality: Ensure client satisfaction with glues formulated to provide safe application, ultimate adhesion, and long-lasting wear.

  • Reliability: Check out the brand’s track record and reputation. How reliable are they regarding order fulfillment, timely delivery, and offering consistency with high-quality products? Customer testimonials and reviews can help you gauge their industry reputation. You can also seek recommendations from professionals or experienced users.

  • Customer support: What kind of service does the brand offer its clients? Responsive, helpful customer support ensures that your concerns, issues, and inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently. Choose suppliers with a dedicated support team that prioritizes client satisfaction.

Read what our customers have to say about our eyelash extension adhesives

I’ve tried quite a few other brands and I quickly realized origins is by far my favourite. The quality of their products is top tier and very user friendly! Makes lashing 10x easier especially for beginners. Their lashes are so soft and fan like literal butter. I would also recommend any of their adhesives but my go to is the clear pure (clear) one. I also attended a styling workshop by them. They are some of the best mentors in the lash business! Kiana. DR

I’m a lash tech in Winnipeg and I use origins lash products almost exclusively. The lashes are so soft, fan easily and hold their curl. The glue has the best retention I’ve ever worked with. Not only are these products amazing quality, but Cristal is the sweetest person and always goes above and beyond for her customers. If you’re a lash tech looking for new products, look no further!

Hillary B.

Origins is my favourite lash supplier by far! Their adhesives are high quality, as well as their tweezers and my clients have amazing retention because of it!! On top of the products being amazing they are a women owned and operated business run by the sweetest ladies on the planet!!

Jessica T.

Proper Application and Maintenance For Sensitive Eyes

It’s essential to stay knowledgeable and educated on applying and maintaining eyelash extensions for sensitive eyes. The right eyelash extension adhesive prioritizes safety and comfort during the lash extension application process.

Pro tip: Lashes should never touch your clients’ eyelids — always apply them approximately a millimetre away. This distance is so tiny you can easily overlook it, so be aware that even if a client doesn’t have sensitive eyes, eyelashes have sharp points that may irritate the skin on eyelids.

You should also know how to recognize the warning signs of lash extension allergic reactions (swollen eyes or eyelids, itchiness, burning, or discomfort around the eyes, or redness of the cornea) or sensitivities (redness, itchiness, or watery eyes) will help keep your clients safe.

Additional Considerations and Precautions

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prevent irritation or allergic reactions during application:

  • Do a patch test before the full application

  • Do your lashing in a well-ventilated room and use fans to disperse fumes away from the client

  • Pre-cleanse the lashes

  • Use less glue for fewer fumes and faster curing times

  • Hire experienced lash techs to ensure a safe, comfortable experience for sensitive eyes

Prioritize Your Clients’ Eye Health With Origin Lash Pro

Eye health is of utmost priority in the lash industry. Clients with mild, moderate, or severe sensitivity to fumes or allergic reactions to adhesives are almost inevitable, so it’s essential to always have an eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes on hand.

Origin Lash Pro carries three eyelash extension glue formulas to satisfy your clients. Our adhesives are Health Canada Registered and tested by Canadian Laboratories for ultimate results. Used by over 1000 lash artists, our lash glues provide up to eight weeks of hold, ultra-low fumes, and minimal irritation to your clients’ eyes.

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