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How to Store and Extend the Shelf Life of Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Properly caring for your eyelash extension adhesive is the first step in producing top-quality lashes. Unfortunately, many factors can affect the performance of lash adhesives, from storage to temperature, to age. Keep reading to learn how to store and extend the shelf life of your eyelash extension adhesives to maintain optimum quality of your lash extensions, and happy clients.

Understanding the Basics

Eyelash extension adhesives are the second most important tool for fabulous lashes, second only to the lashes themselves. Professional lash technicians and lash artists should attach synthetic lashes with a quality, long-lasting adhesive to get the best results.

All eyelash extension adhesives have complex compounds like thickening, stabilizing, and colouring agents and adhesive ingredients. Because all eyelash adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based (CA is the main binding ingredient), the storage method we discuss throughout this article remains the same across the board.

Always Shake the Lash Glue Bottle Before Application

The complex compounds and adhesives in your eyelash glue will start to separate when they sit in a bottle for a while. Therefore, you must always give the bottle of adhesive a good shake (at least 30 times) before starting a new set of lashes to ensure all ingredients mix for the best results. You may also consider buying an adhesive shaker.

Important Notes About the Eyelash Adhesive Bottle

Allowing air to stay in your bottle of eyelash glue can significantly affect the quality and lifespan of your adhesive. If you’re seeing a thick, gummy consistency or having clogging issues, it’s because you’ve allowed too much air to stay in the bottle.

A quick fix is to “burp” the bottle by gently squeezing it to release the air bubbles before putting the cap back on. Always wipe the nozzle with paper immediately after use. Using any material containing lint can get stuck to the nozzle and shorten the lifespan of the glue due to build-up over time.

Moisture can drastically affect the longevity of your adhesive, so remember to close the bottle tightly each time you use it rather than just covering the nozzle with its lid. Another great option is using an airtight glue container.

FYI — the bottle your lash extension glue comes in is designed to keep your glue fresher longer, so never transfer the adhesive to any other bottle or container.

Storing Your Eyelash Adhesive

As a general rule of thumb, the shelf life of opened eyelash adhesive is four weeks. However, your glue may expire quicker if not cared for properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when storing your eyelash adhesive:

  • Keep it cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight exposure: Always store your glue in a cool, dark place immediately after use.

  • Keep the glue as air-tight as possible: Store your adhesive in an air-tight sun-blocked aluminum container along with some silica gel to minimize contact with oxygen and moisture.

  • Use your glue at room temperature: The refrigerator isn’t the most ideal place for storing your eyelash adhesive as it can cause dew condensation inside and outside the bottle, but if you must use the fridge for storage, be sure to seal the bottle as much as possible. The fridge storage temperature should be between 3C - 5C for UNOPENED BOTTLES only. After the seal is broken, it can no longer be stored in the fridge. It is recommended that unopened bottles be stored at room temperature, in a dark, dry environment. Take the glue out and let it sit at room temperature for at least two hours before use.

Note: fridge storage is an old school method, while it’s technically OK, it’s not ideal. Replace adhesives near their expiration date: Write the date you first opened the bottle of lash glue to help you keep track.

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