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  • Introducing Lash Tinsel: 7 Iredescent + Solid Metallic colors to choose from! 


    Add lightweight, light relfecting pops of color with our Lash Tinsel! Crafted with precision and innovation, Lash Tinsel is designed to elevate your lash artistry to dazzling new heights. Say goodbye to mundane lashes and hello to a mesmerizing, luminous gaze that captivates with every blink.


    Key Features:


    • Innovative Lash Technology: Lash Tinsel features a cutting-edge lash extension formula that seamlessly adheres to your natural lashes, creating a lightweight and comfortable wear.

    • Luminous Shine: Experience unparalleled brilliance with our unique tinsel lashes. Each strand is filled with shimmering accents that catch the light, enhancing your eyes with a radiant finish.

    • Full array of Lash Lengths: Our Lash Tinsel comes in Mix Trays of 8-12mm and 13-18mm CC Curl. This allows full customization by the lash artist to each of thier clients unique needs

    • Long-Lasting Wear: Lash Tinsel adheres to the natural lash as well as other traditional lash materials. 

    • Versatile Styles: We have 7 stunning color and finish variations (Iredescent and solid) to add a beautiful focal point to any set! 

    Lash Tinsel

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